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How to Unban Yourself from Chatroulette

Posted in Uncategorized by chatrttoolbar on May 15, 2010

The first step is to install the free chatroulette toolbar by clicking here.
Unban chatroulette
(Note: many toolbars are known for having spyware and ads. The Chatroulette Companion toolbar is 100% ad and spyware free, and is certified by TRUSTe as a safe download.)

After you’ve installed the toolbar, the next step is to properly configure your Adobe Flash settings so that chatroulette cannot store tracking information on your computer.  This can be a bit tricky, but that’s what this guide is here for.

Click on the “configure flash settings” button on the toolbar:

You should see something like this open in a new browser window:

Now, you have two options: An easy solution, and a slightly more time-consuming but more permanent solution.

The easy solution is to simply press the “delete all sites” button to clear out all of the files that flash has saved onto your computer.  This is a good idea, anyway, since as you can probably see, all sorts of sites are tracking you, and deleting your browser’s cookies does not delete these files.

With those two steps complete, you should be unbanned from chatroulette, but you can still be re-banned.  If you want to make sure that you never get banned again, keep reading.

To keep chatroulette from blocking you again, scroll down until you find chatroulette.com in the list of visited websites (You may have to reload chatroulette in your browser and refresh the config page if you chose to delete all of the sites).  Select chatroulette.com and slide the slider all the way to the left and check the box that says “Never Ask Again”.  Viola! You are now unreportable.

Note: you will have to do the above step for every permutation or mirror of the chatroulette site that you visit.  For example: “chatrt.com” “www.chatrt.com” “www.chatroulette.com” “chatroulette.com” etc.

Enjoy your freedom!


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